Welcome to the River City Petanque Club! 
We are the petanque club of Chattanooga, Tennessee (and for all we know, we're the only petanque club in Tennessee!).  So, come on out and have some fun.  (We were formerly Rocket City...Gotta work on a new logo!)
Where and when we play
We play in any flat, fine gravel strewn area...and we're still looking for the perfect place in Chattanooga, the Club's new home.
What to bring?

For first timers, we have extra boules (that is, sets of balls) on hand for you to play with.  Once you try it out, you'll definitely want to get your own set.  (Or for the heavily addicted, multiple sets.)  And everyone is welcome, in fact encouraged, to bring snacks and refreshments, since making a picnic of it is part of the fun.

As the sport is no more strenous than golf, dress in clothes that you would be comfortable taking a relaxed walk in.
Who do I contact if I have questions?
The President, of course!  That's me - Ken Chance.
e-mail:  kechance@yahoo.com
cell:  49-0151-68910043 
If you call, please do so
before 10pm.
 What is petanque?  It is the French variant of the sport bocce ball.  It is wildly popular in southern France, Quebec, New York City, Sonoma California, and Florida. Now it's right here in Tennessee!
 We are part of the Midwest Petanque Alliance and are affiliated with other great clubs like the Michigan Petanque Club, Detroit Petanque Club, Minneapolis Petanque Club, and Chicago Petanque Club.  And clearly, we have the coolest name - River City!  And we have the best weather!
Bringing Petanque to Tennessee
One Boule at
a Time.
This photo (left) is taken from the area's newest piste, brought to us courtesy of Jere and Betsy Weaver.   If you're not already impressed, get this:   They built their very own piste before they ever had thrown a boule!!  Without their permission, we'll call their court "Rocket City - Piste West"